Using Text Messages

Posted on December 29, 2010

Products Affected

iPhone (original)

You can send and receive text messages anytime you’re in range of the cell network. If you can make a call, you can send a text message. All iPhone plans include a certain number of free text messages. Depending on your phone plan, you may be charged for additional message you send or receive.

You can send text messages to anyone with an SMS-capable phone. The recipient is notified of the message and can read it and reply at any time.You can also send text messages to multiple people at the same time.

Send a new text message

Tap , then enter a phone number or name, or tap and choose a contact from your contacts list. Type a message and tap Send.

The Text button on the Home screen shows the total number of unread text messages you have.

As you text back and forth with a person over time, your conversation is saved in the Text Messages list. Conversations that contain unread messages have a blue dot next to them. Tap a name in the list to see or add to that conversation.

Send a text message to multiple people

    Tap , then add people one at a time. If you enter a phone number manually (instead of selecting it from Contacts), you must tap Return before entering another entry.

    Note: Replies from any of the recipients are sent only to you; the other people you texted won’t see anyone else’s reply.

Reply to a text message or send one to someone you’ve texted before

    Tap a name or phone number in the Text Messages list, then type a message and tap Send.

Delete a conversation from the Text Messages list

    Tap Edit, then tap next to a conversation and tap Delete.

    You can also delete a conversation by swiping left or right over a conversation and tapping Delete.

Send a text message to someone in your favorites list or to a recent caller

    From the Home screen tap Phone, then tap Favorites or Recents. Tap next to a name or number and tap Text Message.

Call or email someone you’ve texted

    Tap a message in the Text Messages list. Scroll to the top of the conversation and tap Call to call the person. Tap Contact Info, then tap an email address to send an email. The person’s email address must already be in your contacts list.

Follow a link in a message

    Tap the link. Tap a web address to open a webpage in Safari, a phone number to make a call, an email address to open a preaddressed email in Mail, or a street address to see a map in Maps. To return to your text messages, press the Home button and tap Text.

Add information in a link to a contact, or see the contact information of the person associated with the link

    Tap next to the message.

Add someone you’ve texted to your contacts list

    Tap a name or phone number in the Text Messages list, then tap “Add to Contacts.”

Set whether iPhone makes an alert sound when you get a text message

    From the Home screen choose Settings > Sounds, then turn New Text Message on or off.

    If the Ring/Silent switch is off, iPhone won’t make alert sounds even if they’re turned on in Settings.

How to Send MMS Messages on an iPhone

Posted on December 29, 2010

iPhone offers several options for sending emails or text messages. But there is no direct link or icon to send multimedia messages, or MMS messages. You can still send photos or videos through email.

The difference is that you must use the mail recipient’s phone number as part of the email address. Difficulty: Easy Instructions 1. 1 Follow the instructions for sending an email on the iPhone.

Make sure that the recipient has an MMS-capable phone. 2. 2

Tap the note pad icon on the main page to compose a message.

Type a name in the “To” field. 3. 3 Include the recipient’s phone number and the phone carrier’s prefix as the first part of the email address in the “To” field. Enter the number as a 10-digit string, such as “”

Prefixes vary according to the recipient’s phone carrier.

Enter a brief message to go with your photo or video. 4. 4 Go to the home screen and choose “Photos.” Pick the photo that you would like to use, tap the right arrow icon, then tap “Email Photo.

” Hit “Send” once you’ve typed your message and attached your photos or videos.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to set up and sync an email account to your iPhone so that you can take advantage of the features. Choose your settings from the home page, your account type and other account information. MMS messages are sent using this default account.
  • Select the “Sound” feature if you want to be alerted when a photo message has been sent successfully. At the sound menu, turn the setting on or off. Change the settings to on or off whenever you want to send a copy of the message to yourself.
  • Don’t confuse the phone carrier’s 3-digit prefix with a regular telephone area code.