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Posted on March 3, 2011

From China came the message, after the first component of Apple’s iPhone 5 should have appeared. This talk of the cover of the iPhone display 5, the number of changes in coverage of the iPhone 4 will be brought into comparative light. It looks quite like it, as if trying to Apple, the iPhone 5 for zoom in, while for the size of the device without the need to adjust. That would be a huge advantage for Apple compared to many Android phones with more than 4 inches diagonally, as this may be so they can look big and big enough impression.

To avoid this, you want the display panel at Apple apparently only increased, but not the rest of the cage. This has the consequence that the frame around the screen is much smaller display up on the edge of the lateral exit.
Images from a
Chinese manufacturer could be a size 4 to 4.3-inch screen, with realistic sound habits when the body wants to keep Apple’s iPhone four sizes. Any news Dissolution Apple iPhone 5, but can be ascertained that the
retinal display is used for the future.

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