New App Cydia – Beautify the iPhone SMS app with ChatPic

Posted on March 3, 2011

Today we present to you where the previous
application that Apple should integrate new IOS in: ChatPic. This application jailbreak to put photos from your contacts right next to a text message chat bubbles in the iPhone App.

This application only works with standard SMS application on the iPhone and not recognized as an SMS Apps iRealSMS biteSMS or third parties from Cydia Store. ChatPic evaluate the iPhone SMS features and personal. To use ChatPic jailbroken iPhone is required. The application itself can be found through Cydia Store for $ 0.99.

In our tests, there are some minor issues, not all
images have been displayed in the chat. For example, to work perfectly with the photo contacts A and B contacts are not displayed, even if it is

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