Change your iPhone Text Tone

Posted on March 3, 2011

When it comes to organizations that do everything they can to prevent a consumer from fooling around with their properly earned products, Apple is up there. Maybe behind Sony. As to why Apple thinks adding a different text notification sound is far beyond the want of the average consumer, I don’t know.
I decided to change the text tone anyway. The least intrusive way to do it is to replace an existing file instead of adding one.

  1. Jailbreak phone
  2. Install Cydia on phone
  3. Install OpenSSH on phone through Cydia
  4. Connect phone through wifi on local net. Find IP (through router DHCP table on settings on phone)
  5. Use an ssh+sftp client on computer and logon to the phone. User: root, Pass: alpine.
  6. /System/Library/Audio/UISounds
  7. The text tones, corresponding to how their listed on the sound selection screen are “sms-recieved1.caf” numbered 1 – 6. These are AIFF files.
  8. Get a audio clip to use as your new text tone. Make it a reasonable length in time.
  9. Convert to AIFF. I used WavePad. Its a full service trial for 15 days or so.
  10. Copy the file you want replaced (Electronic, “sms-recieved6.caf” for instance) to computer.
  11. Rename new file to the one you just took off iPhone.
  12. Place new file in same directory as the old one.
  13. Hard respring or reboot.

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